Linling Lu captures senses about colors, shapes, textures, and spaces wherever she lives and travels, and releases them artistically in various meditative processes. Her abstract take of a physical world has become a reflection and balancing stone of her inner meditation to the changing surrounding context.

The exhibition includes Lu’s best known hard-edge, circular paintings from One Hundred Melodies of Solitude series; recent interlocked wood sculptures, and shaped fabric collages that enriched by her mind travel experiences in both physical and meta- physical worlds.

The 12 pieces of unique artworks in their original approaches, tracing her own steps and constituting a form of participation and intervention in this space and encountering of life, aim to spotlight Linling Lu’s philosophy of living elsewhere as a methodology of changing the world through inner-self awakening.

Lu’s work is included in permanent collections of US Embassy in Beijing, Microsoft, Capital One, CityCenter DC, Hall Arts Hotel (Dallas), Louise Vuitton (China), and 1700 Broadway (Manhattan). Her recent works participate museum exhibitions includes Fields and Formations: A Survey of Mid-Alantic Abstraction in Delaware Contemporary and American University Museum; Musical Meditations, a solo show at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts; and Walters Art Museum.

Shadow (left), Summer Pavilion (right)