Prof. Zheng Hong is regarded as one of the pioneers of contemporary Chinese paintings. He has been actively committed to innovative, contemporary art based on inheritance of traditional Chinese paintings and philosophy for more than 30 years. Zheng’s signature works include Chinese painting "Lotus Rhyme of 'Jin Chun' Garden”, an 18 meter long scroll (2022). The well-known Chinese critic and Professor Meilan Sun from Art history Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, believes that ”Hong Zheng’s sense of innovation and composition were developed simultaneously, which helped him formed a unique artistic appearance: calm, detached, integrity oriented, full of vitality.”

Zheng is also an award winning urban public artist. His public art works includes “The Open Door” (2008), and "Dreaming Butterfly Dance” (2017), which was highly praised by Mr. Collion, the communication academician of the Institute de France of France, and reported by People's Daily, Art China and other media.

Zheng Hong studied in Fine Art major in the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts from 1981 thru 1985. Currently he works as a full-time professor at Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. He is a member of the China Artists Association (CAA)council member of China Construction Culture and Arts Association (CCCAA) and vice chairman of the Fine Arts Professional Committee (CCCAA), member of the Arts Committee of Li Keran Art Foundation, council member of the Beijing Urban Planning Society (BUPS) and member of the Academic Committee of Urban Design and Ancient Capital Landscape Protection Planning (BUPS), and member of the Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC).

Fall Mountains 秋嶂圖Ode to Fall 秋色賦Late Winter Landscape 暮冬山水图Cold Plum Tree 冷梅图Pine Forest Shan Shui 松林山水圖Mountains and Waterfall 山川瀑布圖Landscape 山水Sui Garden Ice Pine Tree 隨園冰松圖Ink Plum Tree 墨梅圖Ink Plum Tree 墨梅圖Ink Plum Tree 墨梅圖Rock, No.2 石頭.之二Wind of Lotus 风荷Wind of Lotus 风荷Wind of Lotus 风荷Wind of Lotus 风荷Wind of Lotus 风荷