Image: Linling Lu, Agitated Meditation, No.12, 2015, courtesy of The Walters Art Museum

"Mixed media on shaped stretcher using materials sourced from across the globe, artist Lining Lu beckons people to engage with her use of vibrant colors and varied textures. She hopes they will then wander through the architecture of this construction as if it were a mandala." 
--The Walters Art Museum

"Linling Lu’s vibrant tapestry of found patterned fabrics, “Agitated Meditation, No.12,” stretched in a perfect circle under glass, floats off of the wall—beckoning the viewer into the intricate patchwork of silky hot pinks, purples, yellows, burgundies, and blacks.

Upon reading the object placard, I learned that the artist was inspired by “crazy quilting,” which is a practice that embraces the lives, places, and cultural history of the past through the use of fabrics that recall the memory of their initial use—from bed skirt remnants to street-celebration costumes."
--Stephen Wozniak, BmoreArt, February 19, 2024

LINLING LU: Agitated Meditation, No.12 (2015), mixed media, 67 inches diameter, image courtesy of The Walters Art Museum.LINLING LU: Agitated Meditation, No.14 (2015)LINLING LU: Agitated Meditation, No.11 (2015)LINLING LU: Agitated Meditation, No.15 (2015)