"Combining found elements with those fashioned by my own hand, my work encompasses two- and three-di- mensional collage as well as sculptural objects. Infused with a rich sense of history, the essence of my work lies in the age-old struggle between nature and the man-made industrial world. My challenge is to convey that sense of conflict in a way that resonates with the viewer.

I incorporate botanical imagery, anatomical diagrams, and mechanical components along with natural materials. Whether it’s a rusty piece of metal, branches from an oak tree, or tiny turquoise-tipped rooster feathers, the right juxtaposition reveals itself to me—the more absurd, the better. A character is born and a narrative begins to unravel. The theme of flight is recurrent, as is the conflation of anatomy and mechanics.

The result is a menagerie of ethereal winged creatures, human and animal hybrids, and fanciful flying machines. In this era of mass-production and instant gratification, it’s my hope that these intimate and meticulously crafted works will also evoke a sense of rarity, delight, and mystery."

--David Barnett

David BarnettThe Outsiders #1, 2018Van Camp’s Compendium, 2018Suite Origins, 2018 LaLande, from FaceTime series (12), 2023Cap Maker, from FaceTime, series (12), 2023Shelf Life, 2021Ship of Fools, 2020Sophisticated Traveler, 2020Clock Shop, 2022Gabriel (flight #4), 2018Reliquary For Oscar NFS, 2021